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Sunday, April 21, 2019

Rexall Flyer Canada valid April 26 - May 2, 2019

Rexall Flyer Valid April 26 - May 2, 2019 is now available – Get all the latest specials flyers, deals, and coupons from Rexall flyer for this week. Also, keep your challenge with coupons and great deals from Rexall Canada Store.

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The smartest method to save money by visiting Rexall store, and there are a specials great deal in Rexall flyer product.

Rexall Flyer this week valid from  4/26/2019 to 5/2/2019

Rexall Flyer April 26 - May 2, 2019

Rexall flyer Products Pharmacy, Health + wellness, personal care, inspired bauty, Baby Product, Holiday happiness, Weekly specials.

Now you can Browse even more local weekly flyers in your area today! Rexall product on sale this week :

Rexall pharmacy flyer such as :
  • Get Tylenol Arthritis Pain, Liquid Gels, Muscle Aches & Body Pain, Migraine Pain, Back Pain Or Motrin Platinum $12.99 Sale Price  Tylenol arthritis pain 100's. Liquid gels 115's. Muscle aches & body pain 72's. Migraine pain 80's. Back pain or motrin platinum 18's.
  • Advil Extra, Regular Strength Or Nighttime Liqui-Gels, Arthritis Pain Caplets Or 12 Hour Tables On Price $15.99
  • Rexall Brand ASA Coated Daily Low Dose 81 mg Tables BOGO free Savings
  • Aspirin Coated Daily Low Dose 81 mg Tables Or Quick Chews Or Aleve Caplets Or Nighttime $12.99 Sale Price  Aspirin coated daily low dose 81 mg tables 120's. Quick chews 100's. Aleve caplets 100's. Nighttime 40's.
  • Rub-A535, Ice Gel Or Dual Action Patch 15% Savings  Rub-A535 100 g. Ice gel value pack 150 g. Dual action patch 6's.
  • Rexall Brand Heat Wraps $8.99 Sale Price  Selected sizes. 5 bonus miles with every 2 purchased.
  • Best buy for Rexall Brand Extra Strength Muscle & Back Pain Relief Caplets Or Platinum Caplets $14.99 Sale Price  40's. 15 bonus miles with every 2 purchased.

Save more this week with Rexall. Grab these great deals at your local store and don’t forget to print off your local Rexall coupon, to get the best deals. More detailed information can be found by clicking similar website here. Or visiting official site then Enter a zip code or state to get all the information from the offers Rexall store.

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